Powerful Multi Channel Customer Feedback Software and Survey App

Want to have more Happy, Loyal, and Satisfied customers and employees?

Increase happiness, and grow your business with the help of our Service. How is your business doing? Let our Smileys tell you!

Android & iPad App

Kiosk Surveys

Email & SMS Surveys

Online Surveys

Measure, Understand and Improve

the Customer Experience

in Real Time

Perform Deeper Data Analysis

Analyze performance on hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.


Filter and Compare

Sort through results to find the data you’re looking for


Data Exports

Download visual data or export into excel format


Custom Reports

Use custom filters to create multiple views of your data

Hardware Options


Floor Standing BR – 103

Desktop KIOSK

Desktop BR – 104


Wall Kiosk BR – 105

Custom Design and Screen Size as per your requirement

Any Many more solutions for your business. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can increase customer engagement and loyalty.


  • In-the-moment feedback – proven to be more reliable than feedback given 24 hours later
  • Total honesty in responses – no human influence or bias with kiosk surveys Capture feedback from employee, non-buyers and visitors – not only customers.
  • Live alerts can be triggered to highlight instances of concern.
  • Increase Sale, by sending Auto-Follow Up SMS with Coupon Code