Logistics supply chains need to be highly flexible to enable pick-up or delivery requests, anytime and anywhere. Brio leverages its rich domain expertise to implement cutting-edge IT solutions for logistics companies, helping address the industry’s key challenges effectively.

Bulk SMS

Transport, logistic and courier businesses are continuously growing very fast, as more companies are moving to ecommerce business. With our bulk sms API make it super easy for your channel partners and customers to connect. Logistics and courier companies using bulk SMS can share promotional text messages in regional languages to reach out to people more effectively

Order Confirmations

Logistics and courier companies share order confirmation through bulk smsm with the customers to keep them updated with the services.

shipping Status

Logistics and Courier companies can share the status of shipping from source to destination locations on the registered mobile number.

Payment Updates

Courier companies use bulk SMS services to inform customers about the payment amount and keep them updated with the payment status.

Vehicle Tracking System

GPS technology has fully transformed the transportation industry. From your smart mobile device, you can easily locate your vehicles, effectively plan drivers’ assignments and manage costs. Installing and activating a vehicle tracking system enables fleet managers to view the real-time location of each GPS-installed vehicle, it Improves driver’s safety and performance and Enables quick decision-making. Our Team of engineers specialize in design and implementation of your fleet management requirements from Planning, Device Installation, Training and customization of solution.

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Increased productivity from drivers
  • More optimum route planning
  • Improved driver safety

Web Development

In today’s competitive time logistics companies are establishing a strong online presence by launching their own websites to gain a competitive advantage and advertising their services. We build websites keeping our clients and their potential customers in mind, we include important elements of logistics industry such as tracking your shipments on your mobile phone, generate sales leads and help your clients experience the best user journey.

Mobile App Development

Transport & Logistics Industries grows powerfully on mobility, Innovative App development for Transport and Logistics are in great demand for logistics business, In this competitive environment we develop customized Logistics & Transportation Android & iPhone mobile applications and solutions for your logistics & transportation business to achieve customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity.

Courier & delivery companies

Our logistics app for courier  simplizes the entire process of running the pickup centers, delivering with speed and in a timely manner.


With our logistics app for ecommerce services, you can carry out warehousing, shipping, exchange and manage your inventories with ease.

Transport companies

With our Logistics apps transportation and delivery all your transport operation will be optimized with ease of coordinating the activities.

Software Development

The shipping, transportation and logistics industry is going through a rapid transformation. Logistics software systems Improve efficiency, planning, shipping, and delivery time, It also Facilitates real-time tracking and inventory management with automate processes and systems. Brio develop customized logistics software development solutions as per your organization size and need. Our applications allow you to manage the complexities of each multi-modal supply-chain management and logistics network.

Smart Inventory Management

We develop RFID-based inventory management systems that allow the tracking of inventory items and monitoring their status.

Route Optimization

We use historical and real-time figures to calculate the delivery time for each shipment, and optimize routes of every delivery vehicle in real-time.

Improved customer experience

AI increase the accuracy of demand prediction that can ease the warehouse management with more personalized experience to customers.

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