The telecommunications industry is a large field surrounding the transmission of information. We offer IT and network support to businesses within the telecom industry, we know the importance of instant long distance communication, so we offer modern and up-to-date managed IT services for telecom industry. Brio’s Advance Telecom IT consulting services helps you to focus on your real challenges and find robust solutions.

Internet of Things

For the telecommunications industry, operational costs can run high, the implementation of IoT in telecom companies can offer business analytics, ensure safety at remote sites, and monitor equipment to achieve operational excellence.  By using an IoT platform telecom companies can connect their diverse physical assets to the cloud and remotely manage their operations, investigate malfunctions, run firmware upgrades, and keep track of inventory.

  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Device management via digital twins
  • Inventory tracking
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fault management
  • OTA updates, A / B testing of different device software

Software Development

Telecom software is used to organize and manage all aspects of electronic data (text, voice, video, etc.) exchange. We offer a range of telecom software development services for telecommunications and networking, it includes the creation of telecom software solutions, designing, QA, deployment, and maintenance of the developed software.

Telephony Solutions

We develop custom Telephony Servicing Solutions, for telecom compenies including IP Private Branch Exchange to facilitate interconnectivity.

Custom VAS Software

We create custom Value Added Service solutions, consisting of highly advanced non- core services, designed to promote telecom organizations. 

Telecom AI Solutions

We integrate AI Solutions like virtual assistant, Robotic Process Automation, network monitoring software to automate critical business processes.

Web Development

Websites are must and the center piece for Inbound marketing and strong digital presence. We build websites for our telecom clients with careful consideration of SEO, social sharing, content strategy, marketing automation and lead scoring and provide best solution to suit your business.

Mobile App Development

The demand for telecom services and products growing day-by-day across the globe. It is important for telecom compenies  to keep pace with fast-changing consumer demands. We build efficient mobile applications for your company to improve agility, productivity, and management and provide high-quality tech-based solutions. Our solutions work on iOS, Android and the Web.

Retailer App

With retailer mobile apps you can easily create engaging communication channels and understand you customer’s requirements

Payment App

Let your customer make payments via various secure payment gateways that are integrated into your tele – communication app.


Create a one-stop-shop for all your customers to access information such as call/data plan, customer service, value add-on etc.

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