Digital Signage Solution

Our Unique cloud based professional grade Digital Signage solution allows you to create, manage and serve a whole host of Digital Signage applications. Using our solution you can display HD content from small 7″ tablets to large outdoor LED screens or you can create Video Walls.
Our solutions increase sales, support consistent and compelling branding, provide an improved overall audience experience and support your business objectives.

Video wall

Create a video wall using existing displayes to showcase your services and products in an attractive way to engage your customers.


Promotions, offers and discounts

Schedule promotional campaigns and increase its effectiveness by highlighting various offers and discounts.


Social feed

Display social media content and run hashtag campaigns on digital signage boards to engage customer and increase loyalty.

Key features

User Management

Manage users, assign roles and displays within an organization.

Play in Sync

Play videos/compositions across a set of displays in sync.

Interactive signage

Supports interactive application such as feedback or digital brochure.

API Integration

Integrate with any system supporting REST API to get or manage content on signage display.

Group Management

Add display groups and assign users to manage the signage content.


Play your signage content along with Live TV input from DTH set top box.

Works offline

Digital signage contents will keep on playing in absence of intenet connectivity.


Provides the scope of building customized signage application as per specific requirement.

Tag Management

Provides a fluid tagging mechanism to categorize, search and schedule

Advertisement schedular

Advanced schedular option to manage advertisements. specify certain timings to show adds.

Auto start

Just power on the signage device to start signage content without manual intervention.

Audience Measurement

Count and demographics of audience. Available as custom application on request.

Remotely Manage Your Digital Signage Content
Manage all your devices from single cloud based portal
Image result for digital signage display layout, More than 100 templates and slide layouts.
Pre-Schedule Content as per upcoming events.
Image result for smil video support ``SMIL video support``
Image result for videowall ``Create and Manage Videowall``

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