Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking technology has been very popular for almost a couple of decades.Brio’s Vehicle Tracking System empower you with most efficient real – time tracking module. We caters to all of your Vehicle Tracking And Fleet Management needs. Our Team of engineers specialize in design and implementation of your fleet management requirements from Planning, Device Installation, Training and customization of solution.


Vehicle Tracking

Cutting edge Technology to Track and Manage your Fleet on the go. Live information on the status of your fleet wherever you are.

Alerts & Notifications

Real-time Alerts & exception Notifications helps to increase the Security of the Driver & Vehicle as well as to have more control over the daily activities.


Generate 40+ reports to understand your fleet activities. Urges you to make intelligent business decisions on Fleets.

Route Optimization

Assign the most efficient & optimized Route for a Job. Compare the Assigned vs Actual Route to have deep insight to the Predicted vs Measured cost.

Vehicle health

Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your vehicle so that you can worry less about your vehicle's well-being with real time GPS Tracking.

Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the largest operating expenses public factors for fleets. Effective fuel management can help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Complete security

Don’t think twice while parking anywhere. Track location with our GPS Tracking System from your office and get alerts whenever your vehicle starts.

Real-time location & GPS

Our advanced location services ensure effective visibility across the fleets, resources and operations helps fleet businesses to unify cost , efficiency , productivity and safety

Sensor monitoring

With the help of sensor technologies, fleet maintenance got new insights. Sensors can provide alerts on a variety of issues, including tire pressure, brakes, engine performance, and many other parameters.

Industries We Serve

Highways & Infrastructure

Small Businesses

Cargo & Logistics

Private Vehicles


Taxi Dispatch



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