Smart Traffic Management System

In this day & age of rapid growth, the conventional systems to manage urban mobility are proving incompetent. And there’s a growing need for an efficient traffic management system. Cities big and small are in dire need of technology-led digital solutions to manage & monitor traffic. They can help regulate heavy traffic, road blockages at signals & congested networks.

Traffic light control systems are widely used to monitor and control the flow of automobiles. Brio offers An Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled intelligent traffic management system which solves pertinent issues by leveraging technologies like wireless connectivity & intelligent sensors.

Smart Traffic Light Management System

Salient Features

Functioning of Traffic Monitoring System Using IoT Capabilities

The Smart traffic management system integrates technology primarily to improv the flow of vehicle traffic & improve safety on road. Real time data from cameras, speed sensors, loop detectors etc, flows into a centralized traffic management control center where it is integrated and processed for incident detection & improving traffic flow.

Traffic Control System

Central controllers receive data fron sensors, monitoring current traffic conditions to operate variable message signs, roadway access controllers, gate barriers and traffic lights.

Smart Traffic Control Management System
Smart Traffic Control Management System

Inductive Loops

Vehicle detection through inductive loops embedded in tha road;s surface can provide accurate vehicle classification based on vehicle magnetic profiles. Vehicle loop sensor also send signal to the control pane about vehicle flow based on induction profile of vehicle category.

Video Detection

Video detection is based on real time image processing providing efficient wide-area detection well suited for registration of incidents on roads. Its also used for vehicle detection at signalized intersections where it is difficult to install loop detectors.

Smart Traffic Control Management System
Smart Traffic Control Management System

Traffic Lights

High intensity LEDs with adaptive control of lighting levels depending on traffic volume and weather situation can further reduce the energy consumption of LED lighting. Traffic light receive signal from control system based on information received various vehicle detectors.

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