The digital transformation of customer market has made it increasingly difficult for the hospitality and travel sector to ensure consistent service quality across varied user interactions. In such a challenging market environment, partnering with Brio can help you create competitive advantage for your hospitality and travel business.

As a software development company, Brio understands the importance of delivering optimal satisfaction for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and travel and wellness service providers. Data streams, applications, networks, connectivity — everything needs to flow smoothly and work together.

Social WiFi Hotspot for Hospitality Industry

WiFi solutions have become an integral part of the hospitality industry brio offers fast, safe and secure WiFi experience to your guests for venues like hotels, resorts and restaurants.

  • Advertise special offers, new products and events in WiFi
  • Share discount coupons
  • Allow customers to connect with Facebook, Google and other social logins
  • Encourage customers to “Check-in”
  • Customize customer experience

Customer Feedback System for Hospitality Industry

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a crucial factor that determines hospitality’s performance. The primary factor for the growth of this industry has been its customers. With a digital feedback system at your venue, you can take feedback through tablets or send email and sms surveys at various touchpoints. Capture guest and customer feedback at hotels, restaurants, resorts, homestays, airlines, cruise ships etc and maintain the appreciative qualities of your hospitality service.

Queue Management System for Hospitality Industry

Customers hate the idea of standing in a queue whether it is at a store, venue or even a restaurant. Providing prompt and high-quality service is essential for hospitality industry. Brio queue management system enables hotels, restaurants and cafes to reduce customer wait times and increase service quality by shortening queues. 

Put the hotel at your customer’s fingertips with Hotel Check-in Kiosks –

  1. Accelerate the process of Automated Check-ins
  2. Room Selections
  3. Easier and hassle-free check out process
  4. Secure Payment Options

Meal Management System for Restaurants

Inventory management can be difficult for the hospitality industry. Effective inventory management for hotels and restaurants involves both revenue management and stock items management, Brio’s Meal Management Solution manages users through the use of fingerprints and cards (RFID) to control access.

Online Food Ordering System for Restaurants & Hotels

Our online food ordering system for restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food joints allows your customers to place orders through your restaurant website and mobile application. Manage your menu, pricing and promotions in a single location, We build user friendly Online Food ordering system with tailored website and application to manage and sell foods online and order processing and delivery.

Live Chat Solution for hospitality Industry

Customers do a lot of research before they travel and they look for the easiest way to get information, sort booking and plan accommodation. Add our live chat software to your website or app and offer them your assistence. Increase bookings and offer proactive support with brio’s live chat solution. It helps hotels to reach out their website visitors, assist them with the room choice, and reduce the bounce rate.

live chat services for website
Odoo SMS Notification Features

Bulk SMS for Hospitality Industry and Restaurants

SMS marketing is an effective tool for all marketing activities for Hospitality Industry. Right from guest reservation to check-out process, SMS it plays a crucial role in paving guest experience. With the use of SMS technology, Hotel and Resort industry are scaling the next level of promotional activity. Hospitality industry sending offers, alert and updates like booking confirmation, remind arrival time, reservation room, reserve table, confirm event detail etc through Bulk SMS.

Use bulk SMS services for sending :

  • Booking Confirmation
  • Payment Reminder
  • Offers
  • Announcements
  • Coupens
  • Season Special Services

Web Development for Hotels and Hospitality Industry

Every sector needs a good and effective website to have digital presence and be ahead of others. Same goes to the hospitality sector as well. We build your website with responsive technology, user-friendly designs and easy to navigation features.  we provide our customers the best suitable website designs for their hotels and resorts which help them to grow more by getting good response from customers and visitors. 

We please our clients with features like :

  • Easy to Use Hotel Website Interface
  • Back-end Admin Panel with a Powerful CMS
  • Hotel and Restaurant Website Maintenance Services
  • Compatibility with Advanced Hotel Website Functionalities

Mobile App Development for Hospitality Industry

Mobile technology is a game-changer for the travel and hospitality industry. Mobile apps are a better way to customer service and engagement for hotels, resorts and restaurants. Almost every tourists carry a mobile devices their travel and 74% of people prefer booking hotels through apps,due to its ease and convenience. Our design and development build apps for both the iOS and Android platforms whether you need a simple informational app, or one with booking features, reservation tools etc. Brio will design and develop it.

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