People Counting Solution

Visitor counting numbers combined with sales figures reflects the most basic and beneficial key performance indicator. Accurate and reliable footfall statistics are required by the retailers in order to benchmark the performance of stores. Customer counting data is used to understand flow, dwell times and calculate conversion rates. Business decisions, optimizations and improvements can then be made based on accurate and reliable data.

Our Retail people counting solution offers the cost efficient solution and with most advanced analytic technology in the market.

Business Optimization Through Precise Counting Analytics

Accurately obtain accurate people counting data in your premises and optimize your management decisions. Brio offers People Counting Solution to help business owners and managers improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. With accurate real-time data, users can estimate in-store traffic, enhance staff management, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events, and more.


Binocular passenger flow statistics terminal products obtain 3D depth information in real time through binocular stereo vision AI sensors, identify head and shoulders features in complex scenes based on head and shoulder feature algorithms, and achieve accurate passenger flow statistics through human body tracking algorithms

Industry-Leading Detection Accuracy

With robust technology and people counting algorithm, the sensor can better filter non-object targets, lessen undetected probability, reduce dependence on installation height, and improve light anti-interference performance, contributing to an unparalleled 99.8% accuracy.

100% Anonymous Detection

The sensor is compliant with GDPR. It only gets in-depth images without involving personally identifiable information based on our technology, which provides protection at source.

Advanced Customer Counting Features

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