Binocular passenger flow statistics terminal products obtain 3D depth information in real time through binocular stereo vision AI sensors, identify head and shoulders features in complex scenes based on head and shoulder feature algorithms, and achieve accurate passenger flow statistics through human body tracking algorithms.

Application Scenarios

Binocular passenger flow statistics terminal can be applied to shopping malls, retail stores, public transportation cars, scenic spots, libraries, museums, restaurants, factories, supermarkets, parks, buildings, toilets, etc.


Product Features

  • Real-time accurate statistics (real-time accurate identification of the human body, accuracy rate of more than 98%, accurate filtering of children and other large objects)
  • Wide coverage (binocular passenger counting device with a large field of view of 100°)
  • Timeliness of data upload (the device can customize the time of the device’s own data upload passenger flow platform, which can support real-time, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.)
  • Rich open interfaces (device local open rich application interface, RS-485 extended support, developers can flexibly and quickly integrate development. )
  • Multi protocol support (The device provides HTTP POST/HTTPS POST protocol for data transmission and supports secondary development data docking with the device.)
  • Network intelligent devices (support local computing, no local server, support flash offline storage, support network disconnection, support Poe power supply, support wired/wireless connection. )

Product Features

  1. Capacity Limitation Mode, when the number of people exceeds the set value, the device sends a signal to the alarm, and the alarm sounds.
  2. Child Mode, after setting the height of children, people who are lower than the height will be recognized as children.
  3. Control Mode, equipment works with relay, control a variety of electrical appliances
  4. Data Display Mode, the device and the host are matched to visualize the data.
  5. Channel Mode, which can detect the number of people passing by the door and the number of people entering the store.
  6. Standalone Mode, the local data of the device can be stored for 90 days. The local data of the device supports export and can be used in a non-network environment.

Product Specifications

Model BrioPi-X102
Field of View Horizontal 100°,Vertical 70°
Depth image resolution 640*400@0-3.5m
Output frame rate 640*400@25fps
Accuracy ≥98%
Height range 2.2-6m
Coverage 1.2-5.5m
Filter out height 0.5-1.2m
Power 3.2W-7.2W
Power supply mode POE(802.3af/at)/DC9~36V(Standard12V)
Cable CAT5
Networking Wired network/WI-FI
Addressing Static IP/ DHCP
Offline caching 90 days
Data upload way HTTP POST/HTTPS POST/Modbus-RTU/Modbus-TCP/MQTT
Interface extensions 485 x 1 / 6V~24V /input IO x1
Power protection Anti-static, anti-surge, anti-reverse connection
Video Protocol Support ONVIF,
frame rate: 20fps;
Bitrate: 200kbps
Fill light With fill light,
illumination angle 150,
Power 4W
Baud rate 300~115200 bps
Operating temperature -10°C~55 °C
Operating humidity 20~80 %
Storage temperature -20°C~50 °C
Storage humidity 20~80%
Options Flush-mounted mounting bracket
Installation Top sticking / Ceiling installation / embedded / inclined installation
Product specification Size(mm): 143x 70 x 40,
Net weight (g): 370
Package specification Size(mm): 240 x110x95,
weight(g) : 594 ( lncluding accessories )
Outer box specification Size(mm): 490x490x250 ( The whole box can hold 20 sets ),
Net weight(Kg): 12.9/box
Certificate CE/FCC/ROSH/IP66 Waterproof Report/Quality Inspection Report/High and Low Temperature Test Report/Appearance Patent/Utility Model/MTBF Report

Regional Coverage

Installation Height Coverage width
2.2m 1.2m
2.5m 1.9m
2.6m 2.1m
2.7m 2.3m
2.8m 2.6m
2.9m 2.8m
3.0m 2.9m
3.1m 3.3m
3.2m 3.5m
3.3m 3.8m
3.4m 4.0m
3.5m 4.3m
4m~6m 5.5m
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