Transactional Mail

A Transactional email is a type of email that is generated by a user on a website or a mobile app. It facilitates an agreed-upon transaction existing between the sender and the recipient.

It is a method of customer communication that contains automated and real-time messages sent to the user through email. Transactional emails are usually sent programmatically with the aid of an API or SMTP server.

Transactional Mail

Transactional Email Types

Transactional emails can bring marketers better results in terms of ROI and customer engagement. It is also possible to create transactional emails in mailgiga. However, one must first understand the different types of transactional emails to leverage their power

Transactional Email

How Does Transactional Email Work?

There are three ways to send transactional email with mailgiga. All are included in your subscription to the Transactional Email add-on:

1. Transactional Email:- You can create and send transactional emails directly within the same mailgiga interface you’re used to.

2. SMTP API:- Hand us a fully-formed email via API, and we’ll wrap the links, and add open and duration tracking to your emails. Using the SMTP API allows you reference one place, and the existing mailgiga email performance metrics, while continuing to use your existing system.

3. Single-send API:- This is the best of both worlds! You can continue to create, manage, and edit transactional emails right within mailgiga while using custom tokens to insert information from the transactional email API, such as items ordered, or shipping information.


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