Technology has long played a pivotal role in retailing. Telecommunications, bar codes, electronic data interchange, escalators, have all added tremendous value to the business. Brio offers array of services across the retail value chain that embeds end-to-end capabilities to help you achieve success. From understanding customers to providing a cohesive experience across channels, we help the retailers work better and work differently.

Social WiFi Hotspot for Retail Industry

As a retailer A strong retail brand and great products aren’t enough, you need a little something extra to boost your marketing efforts. By deploying Wi-Fi hotspot in retail shops, shopping malls and department stores, retailers can effectively obtain more customers, increase engagement and retain them. Encourage your customers to sign into your hotspot with their social media accounts. After they sign in, you’ll have access to their behavioural information and their likes, demographic data, and contact information. With this information, you can now effectively market and promote your biusiness & offers to your customers, You can advertise banners or videos, with random or time-based rotation. You can also add a html widget on your login page.

Point of Sale for Retail Industry

Retail POS software and hardware are the key to manage your retail store’s stock, staff, sales, data, and payments from anywhere. ​Redifine your business with the omnichannel retail POS system Manage your retail store from anywhere. Remove time-consuming hassle, and easily manage your online and in-store inventory from a single POS system. Grow with advanced software built to secure and grow your business across channels. 

  • Import your stock from every location and organize your shipments from your eCom back office
  • Easily set up your ecommerce store with mobile-responsive and customizable templates
  • Direct shoppers to your physical stores with a locations page
  • Drive traffic to your online store with built-in tools to boost SEO

Customer Feedback System for Retail Industry

Whether you’re in retail or a large chain store, you always want your customers to be happy when they leave your store. Ask targeted questions to your customers and gather feedback that stays in your hands with Customized reporting and dashboards to help you. Brio’s customer feedback system for retail is the perfect solution for your business needs with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting, in-depth analysis and instant alerts for retail stores, supermarkets, malls and shops. Use the digital and tablet-based route to your customer

Queue Management System for Retail Industry

Customers hate waiting in queues. Enhance custome experience and Manage long retail queues  properly with our cloud-based digital queue management system. managed ensures that customers make it to the till with their purchase and don’t go away dissatisfied. Allow your customers to pre-book your store visit online and the ability to join a virtual line, and manage the customer flow in a safe and secure manner.

  • Enable faster check-out process and employee productivity
  • Eliminate long queues.
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Reduce walkaways
  • Boost impulse sales
  • Create a more productive workforce 
Woo SMS Plugin Features

Bulk SMS for Retail Industry

Bulk SMS for retail industry is a significant channel of communication that businesses can use to increase promotional reach, create brand awareness, develop customer loyalty and achieve better response rates. Get new customers, retain the existing ones and increase customer’s loyalty towards your brand by sending them attractive offers, encouraging them to sign up for membership programs

  • Personalize marketing campaigns with the customer´s name
  • Keep your customers informed about new product launches, new arrivals, discounts, deals, etc.
  • Send customers images, videos and audio messages via multimedia messaging
  •  increase footfall by sending them special discount coupons in the SMS.
  • Add coupons, URLs and QR codes into messages.
  • Campaign based SMS Marketing where you can take care real time reports with easy to use web based panel.

Web Development for Retail Industry

A well-designed ecommerce store for an online retail business is utmost priority in today’s digital world. With Brio leverage your retail business with interactive retail web development, We aim to develop responsive, scalable and customizable platform for our clients using the latest technology and best eCommerce platform.

  • Effective Digital Communication
  • Easy Branding and Promotion
  • Reaching out to potential customers
  • Enhance Sales and Marketing
  • CMS customization services
  • Multi-platform and multi-channel access

Mobile App Development for Retail Industry

Mobile application has become a technological tool for every industry. Businesses in the retail industry can benefit from having their own app in many way like Sales, loyalty and data analysis. Mobile applications has made the shopping convenient for the customers and provided smooth shopping experience. Sell your products easily by mobile apps with flexibility anytime and anywhere. Set up your store online with a better and smoother UI, mobile/tablet optimized solutions and mobile specific features. Our UX design makes it simple to use our and technology solutions adds high efficiency at lower costs of operations.

Software Development for Retail Industry

Retailers need to identify opportunities for reducing costs, improving operational efficiencies and providing a delightful customer experience. Using AI and IoT, we leverage your data about customers to understand customers’ needs. With Brio Increase conversion rates by redefining customer behavior, deliver fast and reilable user interface design fro web applications and mobile solutions

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