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The banking industry is becoming more reliant on complex technologies to meet the increasing demands of staff and customers. As a software development company Brio can help you not only with your day-to-day needs, but also provide the managed cyber security services you can’t function without. From 27×7 support to data backup and managed security, Brio offers various outsourced IT support programs to fit your business needs.

Social WiFi Hotspot for Financial Institutes

Banking and financial institutions have to provide and manage internet connectivity  to ton’s and thousand’s of employee’s across multiple branches and cities, while wifi connectivity to walk-in guests have become an ideality. Brio helps banking and financial instutions to prvide a highly scalable and secure cloud based and managed internet connection with fair distribution of bandwidth and usages tracking.

Brio provides high-speed internet connectivity with features like :

  •    Bandwidth Management & Control
  •    Easy Monitoring
  •    Customised Branding for Wi-Fi Guest Users
  •    Business Analytics

Customer Feedback System for Financial Institutes

One of the major problems that banking and other financial institutes face is customer dissatisfaction. Brio helps you to capture customer feedback at banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions and understand staff performance & the quality of services. Deploy our Multichannel Customer Feedback Software for Banks, Insurance Companies & Other Financial institutions and act upon vital issues and resolve them faster. We offer iOS and android survey app, feedback kiosks, email survey and sms survey to take feedback.

  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Resolve customer issues faster than before
  • Track staff performance at banks
  • Improve Customer delight & Satisfaction

Queue Management System for Financial Institutes

Queue management in the banking industry is a crucial factor of good customer service. Brio queue management systems are designed to meet the customer banking needs. Our queue system offers a wide range of applications from a single line queue system to multiple lines queuing systems and allow the bank to cater wide banking services. Its allowing banks to reduce queue lengths and increase staff productivity and operational efficiency.

  • A smart queue management system that reduces wait times at your branches.
  • Lower your bank queue management system setup costs with fast and easy in-branch deployment. 
  • Set service level alerts and reports for group and branch performance
  • Streamline customer flow
  • Increase staff productivity

Bulk SMS for Financial Institutes

Banking industry deal with large database of customers everyday. Bulk SMS is the best way for banks to communicate urgent information to their clients and make them aware of the latest updates, account details, fraud alerts, etc. Bulk SMS makes it easier and more accessible for  banks and financial institutions to notify their customers about account-related information. SMS authentication, fast information exchanges. Bulk SMS has become a time saving and cost reduction tool to streamline customer communication for banking industry.

  • Use bulk SMS to notify customers about their account status, balance, number of withdrawals etc.
  • send short URLs with SMS to read bank statements, contracts and additional resources. 
  • Customers can access their account status, current balance, etc through automated reply just by sending an SMS to the bank.
Odoo SMS Notification Features

Web Development for Financial Institutes

The financial industry is constantly changing and becoming more customer-centric. With brio’s banking and financial web designs, delight your customer through custom web design with features like multi-factor identification and authentication, data encryption. We will create a custom website design – unique to your institution’s brand and needs and you are always backed by a user-friendly and ultra-secure CMS, giving both staff and customers peace of mind.

  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost.
  • Gain social insight into customer financial behavior.
  • Attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Mobile App Development for Financial Institutes

Financial applications are used every day to provide financial services like Banking and Insurance, this is becoming the ultimate way of providing better service, and creating business opportunities in the banking industry. Our custom banking and finance app solutions deliver various types of banking apps and assist you in choosing the right functionality for your mobile banking app.

  • CRM and lead Management
  • Premium amount generation, reminder, and payment
  • Portfolio Management & Holding Summary
  • Performance Reporting
  • Personalized, differentiated mobile banking experiences
  • User-driven, lean methodology
  • Performance-oriented microservices architecture
  • Security and compliance
software-development-for retail

Software Development for Financial Institutes

Outsourcing software development is a great way to improve operational efficiency and create a better customer experience Take advantage of innovation using the power of our software development for banking and financial institutes, we use the latest technology, including Blockchain, IoT and AI, to develop smooth-running, user-friendly and secure financial apps.

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