Meal Management System

Brio’s Meal Management Solution manages users via the use of fingerprints and cards (RFID) to control access. With a ticket printer users would be able to print their own tickets. Our Meal Management Solution is specially designed to integrate with touch screen kiosks and smart cards and has centralized recharge and refund stations.

Transparent Meal Management

Access records based on fingerprints. It can essentially prevent interference and allow transparent Meal management.

ID/ Biometric Based

Meal Tracking Solution Can be configured to validate employees based on the Proximity card or Biometric identification.

No Multiple Authentication

When multiple terminals are used, all the terminals are interconnected as well to minimize multiple authentications.

Cost Allocation

It can define each meal type separately. The meal value can be defined to each meal type and can be linked to the employees. System can be configured to allow pre defined visitors.

Cashless experience

We offer cashless meal experience by centralized stations to recharge cards at food courts and offices. Customers & employees can top-up their food cards using cash or credit/debit cards.

Meal Allocation

Pre-defined Meal can be allocated to each canteen as well as employees. This helps to define what Meals types are served in each Canteen and which Meal each employee is eligible for.


Many organizations / Hotels / large cafeteria’s provide canteen facility to its employees, but proper management of meals per employee is a sophisticated task. Our Meal Management Solution is a cost effective management tool for: government offices, companies, and schools (universities) that needs to manages large cafeterias

Self service kiosks

It enables customers/employees to make food purchase from unmanned kiosks. Devices like kiosk administrator, card reader, bill printers and more.

Universal usage with flexibility

It can be accessed globally from multiple locations and manage an organization’s cafeteria records unilaterally.

Single Click reporting interface

The users/managers can get detailed recharge & refund reports and report summaries in just one click.


  • Easy to integrate with Fingerprint/Proximity card system
  • Easy Time Management Report printing with all the criteria combinations
  • Maintain and Generate Meal Transaction report of individual employees/ location/ canteen/ contractor/department account on daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis
  • Web-based Employee expense reports for corporate buyers
  • Can be customized as per customer requirement

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