Are You Tired of :

Inaccurate Meal Counts? – Manual tracking or outdated systems can lead to over or under-ordering, impacting your budget and food waste.
Long Lines and Slow Service? – Traditional meal cards can be slow and prone to loss or misuse.
Security Concerns? – Unauthorised access to meals can impact your bottom line.
Meal Management System

Introducing the Next Generation AI Powered Brio Meal Counting Solution

Take Control of Your Canteen with Brio Meal Counting System!

Our Next Generation AI Powered Brio Meal Counting Solution specially designed for Canteens, utilizes RFID / facial recognition technology for a faster, more secure, and accurate way to track meals. With a ticket printer users would be able to print their own tickets. Our innovative system is specially designed to integrate with touch screen kiosks and smart cards and has centralized recharge and refund stations.

Here's How It Benefits You

  • Effortless Accuracy: Every swipe is linked to a unique user, eliminating manual errors and ensuring precise meal counts.
  • Increased Speed: Biometric scans are lightning fast, keeping queues moving and employee satisfaction high.
  • Enhanced Security: Say goodbye to lost or stolen vouchers! Biometrics offer an unparalleled level of security.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Gain valuable insights into meal trends and user preferences with detailed reports.
  • Reduced Food Waste: Precise meal counts allow you to optimize food ordering, minimizing waste and saving money.
  • Increased Convenience: Just a simple scan and go!

Imagine A Canteen That Runs Like Clockwork. Happy Employees, A Controlled Budget, And Valuable Data to Fine-tune your Offerings.

That's The Power of Brio Meal Counting System!

Self service kiosks

Self service kiosks

It enables customers/employees to make food purchase from un-manned kiosks. Devices like kiosk administrator, card reader, bill printers and more.

Universal usage with flexibility

Universal usage with flexibility

Our system can be accessed globally from multiple locations and manage an organization’s cafeteria records unilaterally.

Single Click reporting interface

Single Click reporting interface

From our system's dashboard The users/managers can get detailed recharge & refund reports and report summaries in just one click.

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