Lift and Learn

The Lift-and-Learn is an interactive experience where the content on the screen changes whenever someone physically picks up a product. Brio’s Lift and Learn solution combines innovative technology with custom integration, sensors, RFID tags, digital signage software, and hardware. The Lift & Learn solution engages customers at the point-of-sales by encouraging them to lift products from display shelves to explore them further.

Show relevant information every time clients lift one or more products from the shelf.

  • Increase engagement
  • Make instant content updates and adjustments
  • Evaluate results and market behaviour, with analytics
Lift and learn
Lift and Learn

Features of Lift and Learn

We at Brio can create customised Lift & Learn kiosks for any industry sector, from beauty and wellness, to retail stores and big chain distributors, to small scale salons, boutiques or spas. Our Lift & Learn technology transforms content into an engaging, educational and interactive experience for any customer.

  • Influence point-of-sales decisions and increase sales.
  • Generate more revenue from sponsorship/advertising fees from suppliers by promoting their products in the Lift & Learn experience.
  • Analytics help marketers and advertisers assess product sellability or campaign effectiveness.
  • Fully customizable to fit any product where shoppers compare features
  • Track the Interaction With
  • Integrate Screen with Sensor Technologyany Product

Lift and Learn - What We Offer

All-in-one unit Equipped with built-in barcode scanner and card reader, the system is ready for you to plug-in to power source, saving you cost, effort and space. With competitively priced support contract and complimentary free software license for life, it is more economical to own the entire system.

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