Powerful Multi Channel Customer Feedback Software and Survey App

 How do you find out if your customers are happy? How do you convert unhappy customers into fans? A Customer Feedback Kiosk is a powerful tool for gathering insights into your customers’ satisfaction levels and overall experience. As a business you can use this tool to convert customers into fans by having the insights you need to create a better experience.
Want to have more Happy, Loyal, and Satisfied customers and employees?
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Feedback Kiosk Package Includes :

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Checkmark free icon Kiosk Surveys

Checkmark free icon Email & SMS Surveys

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Customer satisfaction

Capture customer feedback at various touch points and across various feedback channels like Mobile, Tablet, Online, Email, and SMS using brio.

Employee Feedback

Use brio to survey employees frequently at various touchpoint like a cafeteria, meeting rooms, post-training and more.

Patient satisfaction

Capture patient feedbacks deployed at various touch-points across healthcare centers. Ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies.

NPS surveys

Create and collect NPS surveys within minutes with brio via different touch-points. Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

On-premises & Kiosk feedback

Set up iPad as a kiosk to take customer feedback or hand it over to get in-person, real-time customer feedback.

Event lead capture

Capture leads at events using event lead capture forms with details like customer name, email address, phone number and more.

Hardware Options


Floor Standing BR – 103

Desktop KIOSK

Desktop BR – 104


Wall Kiosk BR – 105

Custom Design and Screen Size as per your requirement

Key features

Customized Branding

Upload your Logo, Customized Text, Choose Colors, Custom Questions, and More!

Feedback Dashboards

Access to customer feedback dashboards anytime. Also setup automated reports sent to your email weekly.

Instant Notifications

Setup instant SMS & Email Notifications when users give specified feedback. Allows you to take immediate action!

Custom Welcome Screen

Create a Customized Welcome Screen to display to users before your survey. Add Custom Text & Logos.

One-Tap Survey

Capture instant feedback with the single tap of an emoji in seconds.

Kiosk Lock Mode

Kiosk Mode prevents anyone from closing the Survey. Leave it unattended and turned on 24/7 without concern.

Offline Mode

Continue to Capture Feedback even without WiFi, Feedback will auto sync once it’s back online.

Survey Reset Timeout

Enable Survey Timeout can reset back to the first question for incomplete surveys.

Hide Survey Exit Options

While setting up your devices as survey kiosks, You can hide all survey exit options and password protected it.

Different Industries We Serve


Banks & Financial Sector

Hospitals & Healthcare


Hotels & Resorts

Events & Exhibitions


Responsive Feedback Form

Education & Academics

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