Odoo SMS Notification

Odoo SMS Notification acts as the base module to integrate and manage SMS gateways with Odoo. It provides the essential features such as SMS template, SMS form, groups SMS, delivery status, etc to send and track SMS with Odoo using the compatible gateway modules. With Odoo SMS Notification module send notifications, alerts, updates, offers, etc. The module installs all the necessary features to configure and enable Odoo SMS Feature so you can send Sms to your customers and vendors.

Odoo SMS Notification

Connect With Your Customers With Mobile SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications boasts over a 98% open rate, Odoo SMS Notifications offers a Perfect Solution to your Mobile Marketing Campaign and improving customer convenience.
Odoo SMS Notification Features

Odoo SMS Notification Features

  • The module installs all the necessary functions to send SMS from Odoo.
  • Integrate various SMS Gateways with Odoo
  • Create SMS groups to send the message in bulk to people.
  • Create and Save SMS templates to use later while sending the SMS.
  • You can give access to Odoo SMS feature at the user level.
  • Send messages to a single customer/vendor using the SMS form.
  • The templates can be set for use at – Global level or Condition-based.
  • Assign conditions to automatically send SMS to customers from Odoo.
  • You can the delivery status of the sent Odoo SMS.
  • The admin can restrict access to SMS features only for selected Odoo users.

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