Prestashop SMS Plugin

In today’s fast paced world, SMS notifications are a fast way of providing order related information to your customers, as they have a staggering 98% opening rate. By using Brio prestashop plugin you can notify store users on order confirmation and status of order. This module allows admin to send order status notifications to their buyers via SMS. The buyers will get notifications about their order status like order placed, order cancellation, dispatch details about shipment and delivery etc.

Prestashop SMS Plugin

Real time Order updates With Prestashop SMS Plugin

Notify your customers about their orders in real time
Prestashop SMS Notification Plugin

Features of Prestashop SMS Notification Plugin

  • Admin selects whether to send the SMS notification on the billing address number or the delivery address number.
  • An admin can add a prefix to the customer mobile number.
  • Admin also has an option to enable/disable order confirmation SMS.
  • Admin can customise the order confirmation message.
  • An admin can enable/disable order status update SMS.
  • Admin can customise the order status message.
  • Admin also has the option to select order status for which SMS notifications would be sent.
  • An admin can enable/disable order tracking number SMS notification.
  • Admin can customise the order tracking message.
  • Admin also has the option to add all the SMS notification messages in different languages.
  • Buyers will be notified as the order gets placed and when admin updates the status.
  • The buyer will receive a notification if the order gets cancelled.
  • The buyer will receive notification about the order dispatch.
  • Buyers will be notified about the shipment details.
  • The buyer will get notified about the delivery details.

Send Automated & Personalized SMS Notifications to Your Customers and Get Them Updated

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